Harry Potter and the Little Prince

A GPT-2 Written Fanfic

Edited by Angela Nichols

Author’s Note: This story involves Draco being arrested for ‘treason’, which is just a bunch of crap that they all knew, right?

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The First Year

Chapter 2: Harry, How To Speak To Hermione

Chapter 3: He’s Got Some… Talent

Chapter 4: Harry And Draco

Chapter 5: The Game Is On

Chapter 6: The Prince Of Slytherin

Chapter 7: I Am A Wolf’s Tooth

Chapter 8: The Rest Of The Week

Chapter 9: The Long Arm Of The Law

Chapter 10: Harry Is Not Dead

Chapter 11: Tom Riddle’s Last Duel

Chapter 12: In The Dark, Draco Lived

Chapter 13: The Long Way Home

Chapter 14: After a Little Rain