Harry Potter and the Little Prince

A GPT-2 Written Fanfic Edited by Angela Nichols Author’s Note: This story involves Draco being arrested for ‘treason’, which is just a bunch of crap that they all knew, right? Table of Contents Chapter 1: The First Year Chapter 2: Harry, How To Speak To Hermione Chapter 3: He’s Got Some… Talent Chapter 4: Harry […]

#Hashtag #Forecast

What will the next viral hashtag be? We trained a recurrent neural network on the 18,000 most popular hashtags and used the output to forecast the hottest upcoming web trends. Here are next week’s top ten. #figfam Slammin some Newtons w my #figfam — Stephen Barlow (@barlow_vo) January 18, 2018 #klockoald Just watched my wife […]