Angela Nichols


Harry Potter and the Little Prince: Chapter 1

A GPT-2 written fanfic Edited by Angela Nichols Harry Potter knew that the only way to get a good night’s sleep would be to spend it dreaming about his favourite person. But his dreams didn’t stay that way. In truth, the only way for Harry to get the dreamy quality that he needed was to […]

Harry Potter and the Little Prince: Chapter 12

This chapter is part of a continuing story. Start from Chapter 1 here. Everything was black, everything was dead, and everything was silent. Everything was nothing. Ron’s Ron Song had become so good that even Draco was not able to escape.   Draco had never seen anything so perfect, and now he couldn’t. The only […]

Harry Potter and the Little Prince

A GPT-2 Written Fanfic Edited by Angela Nichols Author’s Note: This story involves Draco being arrested for ‘treason’, which is just a bunch of crap that they all knew, right? Table of Contents Chapter 1: The First Year Chapter 2: Harry, How To Speak To Hermione Chapter 3: He’s Got Some… Talent Chapter 4: Harry […]